QuickBooks Training and Support


qb_prosmallLet our Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor help you through your tough QuickBooks problems. This service is vital to first time users as well as long time QuickBooks veterans. Some of our services include:

QuickBooks Set-Up:

Purchasing the QuickBooks Program is only the first step to getting started. In order to produce accurate reports, QuickBooks must set up correctly. The Chart of Accounts, Beginning Balances, Payroll, etc. must be entered correctly to guarantee accurate financial information. Take it from the professionals – It is much easier and cost effective to set up and enter the information right from the start rather correcting mistakes.

QuickBooks Training & Telephone Support:

At Small Business Specialists, we understand each client and company is unique. QuickBooks training sessions are designed to answer specific questions based on individual companies needs. Whether you are looking to train your accounting staff or get a handle on financial reports, the staff at Small Business Specialists is the QuickBooks training center. QuickBooks training is offered in our office, by telephone or by internet with rates starting at $110. per hour.

QuickBooks Hosting/Outsourced Accounting:

Outsourced accounting is the newest trend in the accounting field. Many companies find outsourcing accounting service is the most cost effective solution to an age-old problem.

No time to do the daily accounting entries?
Want to keep your company’s financial transactions private and out of the office?
Can’t make vital decisions because you don’t have the proper financial reports?
Feel your company is too small to hire an in office bookkeeper or too large to manage the accounting staff?
Most importantly, do you want a knowledgeable, full accounting staff working with you?

If the answer is yes, click here for more information or contact us for a free consultation!

Client Testimonials

Inter Coastal Steel Erection of Virginia, Inc.

"SBS has truly simplified my life by simplifying my business. I run a crew of 15 men. My time is much better spent on the jobsites than behind a desk. SBS takes care of all the administrative and accounting aspects of my business. I focus my energy and attention on the field where the profit is to be made."

Van Crain
Inter Coastal Steel Erection of Virginia, Inc.