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Tax Planning

We, at Small Business Specialists, strongly believe that Tax evasion is a crime but tax avoidance is a right. We pride ourselves in making sure you pay the minimum tax possible according to IRS regulations. Our staff has over 25 years in the tax department and attends year round tax update seminars to stay on top of the changing laws.


Tax Planning is the key to forecasting year-end tax situations. While you can’t always see what is around the corner, you can help prevent year-end disasters. Whether it is looking over Business Financial Statements or a change in your personal situation (children, new home, stocks/bonds), we are here to assist.

Tax Preparation

  • Corporation Tax Returns

  • Subchapter-S Corporation Tax Returns

  • Limited Liability Company Tax Returns

  • Partnership Tax Returns

  • Estate and Trust Tax Returns

  • Individual Tax Returns (including Sole Proprietors)

Because tax preparation fees are calculated on the number of forms and the time needed to process the tax return, we are unable to quote prices.

Tax Issues & Problems

Are you receiving collection letters from the IRS or State? Do you owe money and can’t figure out why? Are you behind in your tax filings?

Don’t buy into the commercials that promise to settle your tax issue for pennies on the dollar. Most will take large up front payments and deliver little results.

Bring your tax situation to Small Business Specialists! We can assess the situation and help you along the way. Our Enrolled Agents (EA) understand and can work with you to resolve any tax problems!

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